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We serve from a spirit-centered space of Love . We provide a highly personalized, holistic and integrative approach to life, relationship and wellness coaching. We collaboratively tailor with our clients (individuals, couples, families and groups) methods and processes to facilitate their relationship, life and wellness goals. We also provide Spirit-Centered life and relationship consultation, seminars, workshops, training and retreats online and on location.

Relationship and Life Coaching Options
Option #1: Individual Coaching

During our 25 years experience of our own relationship journey and our extensive combined 55 years experience of counseling or coaching individuals and couples and training healthcare professionals, we realized that there are pathways in the transformational journey of spirit-centered love as noted in the book www.eightpathways.comWe observe that couples who cultivate their lasting intimacy are also able to be intimate with themselves.   Individual relationship coaching helps you cultivate an intimate relationship with your Self in the energetic relational field of Spirit-Centered Love.

What your coaching session(s) may entail:

1. We will assess what pathway you are presently in, what strengths, supports, tools and resources are available, where you are stuck and where there’s movement.
2. We will help you identify your wants and your resistances in terms of the change you desire.
3. We will ask you, “Do you want to work with your resistances or your wants?”
4. We will provide, collaborate with and guide you with processes to explore, experiment, develop and/or practice between sessions to help you begin to make incremental shifts.
5. We will celebrate with you all the shifts and changes that are happening!
Individual Package Options :

1. Introductory Package: Six  45-minute or 60-minute sessions:

These coaching sessions sets the stage for clarity of vision, goals and the processes by which to facilitate goal realization. You can begin to become consciously aware of where you are and where you want to be. We facilitate your process and help you move in the direction of your desired result, experience and outcome.

2. Basic Package: Twelve 45 or 60-minute sessions:

This is the full coaching package of 12 sessions involving the Introductory Package and support to work on and realize your goals. We help with your conscious practice and support your awareness and experience of your spirit centered growth.

3. Advanced Package: 24 – 45-60-minute sessions:

This package is for you if you want to have consistent support to help deepen your practice and live the principles and processes you are incorporating into your spirit-centered relationship with yourself and others. You will learn all of the principles of Basic Package and learn how to truly ground these principles into your being so you can fully practice and live them on a daily basis.

Results Our Client’s Experience with Individual Coaching:

  • Becoming Present in mind, body, emotions, energy and spirit and responding from an empowered and confident place within
  • Having the ability to deal more easily with stressful situations and learning to transform stress into vitality
  • Releasing stuck habitual patterns and making grounded choices
  • Deepening appreciation of life journey as soul opportunities for growth
  • Connecting with their inner resource or higher Self
  • Feeling attuned and aligned with their soul’s calling and life’s purpose
  • Noticing how thinking, feeling and interacting with others from a spirit-centered space of love within has created shifts in their relationships
  • Experiencing intimacy with Source within and feeling love no matter the circumstance
Option #2: Couple’s Coaching
What Couple’s Relationship and Life Coaching is about:

Life becomes easier for you as a couple, as you understand where you are at and the skills required navigating your life and relationship’s developmental phases and the pathways of growth and transformation of your relationship. Relationship coaching with both partners helps yourselves as a couple harness the hidden wisdom and soul purpose(s) of your strengths and differences to cultivate spirit-centered love and lasting intimacy in your everyday life.

What You and Your Partner Will Experience In A Session:

1. We will assess what pathway you are presently in as a couple, where you are stuck and where there’s movement.
2. We will help you identify the issue/dilemma you are having communicating, your different perspectives and your unique strengths.
3. We will help you each and together identify your wants and resistances and how this plays out in your couple’s intimacy goals.
4. We will ask the both of you where you want to focus “Do you want to work with your stuckness (resistance/challenge) or your wants/goals?” in terms of the change(s) you desire.
5. We will give you processes to practice individually and together so you can begin to make incremental shifts.
6. We will celebrate with you, your shifts and growth experiences that are happening!

Couple’s Package Options :

1. Introductory Package: 6 – 60-minute sessions:
These sessions help couples increase their awareness and introduce you both to how you can practice the principles and processes on daily basis. You will become aware of where you become stuck and when you are making shifts and changing. Both partners can begin to become consciously aware of where they are and where they want to be.
2. Basic Package: 12 – 60-minute sessions:
This is the full coaching package of 12 sessions involving the Introductory Package and support to work on and realize your couple’s relationship goals. We help with your conscious practice and support your awareness of your transformational growth in your relationship journey.
3. Advanced Package: 24 – 60-minute sessions:
This package provides you with consistent support to help you and your partner conscious practice and live the principles you choose. You will learn the principles of Basic Package and learn how to really ground these spirit-centered pathways and processes into your being, tap into the energy field of healing love so you consciously practice and live your deepening Spirit Centered Love on a daily basis.
*Note: Although it is preferable that both partners be on the phone for couple’s relationship coaching, at times one partner may not be available to be on the phone. In keeping with couples goals, you can teach, share and experiment with practicing the processes with each other.

Results Our Client’s Experience With Couple’s Coaching

  • Experiencing balance between personal and couple intimacy needs and goals.
  • Deepening understanding of value and role their difference, polarity and diversity play in their relational soul journey
  • Affirmation of transforming their disempowering conflicts around differences to evolving, enhancing and empowering love
  • Aligning Supports in navigating life’s inner and outer transitions: marriage, career shifts, empty nest, etc.
  • Enhancing intimacy and connection with spirit-centered listening, presence, communication, and energy and dialogue practice.
  • Collaborating consciously to co-create a healing love environment and an energy field to support their spiritual partnership
  • Being an embodied dynamic presence with each other
  • Deepening love with wisdom, compassion and feeling empowered in the co-creative higher purpose(s) of relational journey.
OPTION #3: Specific Services :

. Individual and Couples Coaching with a Wellness and Well-being focus
1. Gain awareness of the current state of your optimal wellness and well-being
2. Co-create a personal program for self care and well-being practice
3. Explore options in holistic, natural and integral methods and resources to assist in attaining desired wellness and inner well-being
4. Facilitate mutual support and being accountable for continued optimal and a well-being lifestyle in body-emotion-energy-mind-soul-spirit
5. Connect with and develop your group/community of well-being consciousness

B.  Spiritual Services
1. We help you envision, develop and plan your living milestones with intention, consciousness and alignment with your inner Spirit.
2. As a non-canonical Catholic priest and member of the Federation of Christian Ministries, Rev. Dr. Phil is available to perform weddings and minister to your spiritual needs.
*  Wedding, Blessings, Memorial Services
*  Ceremonies for your Living Milestones (birthdays, anniversaries)

C. Naturopathic Services
We provide these naturopathic assessments for information and supports of your wellness goals, individually and as a couple/partnership.
*  Meridian Stress Assessment and Iridology
*  Spiritual and Energetic Nutrition

D. Energy and Body Process
We can incorporate these modalities as tools and supports in your life and relationship goals.
*  Polarity Process
*  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
*  Self Hypnosis, Meditations, Imagery (customized )
*  Universal Tao Chi Kung and Inner Dan Arts
*  Energetic Self Defense
*  Reiki, Energy Balancing, Chi Nei Tsang
*  Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

E. Body-Emotions-Mind-Soul-Spirit:
We provide specific life and relationship coaching related to a Pathway for clients who have read our book Eight Pathways of Healing Love: Your Journey of Transformation, and who want coaching to focus on any of the following:
*  Being in Balance
*  Dialogue Process
*  How your Diversity can enrich your Relationship
*  Energy Experience and Healing
*  Presence and your Interactive Self in evolving your Relationship
*  Your Soul’s Higher Purpose Together
*  Co-Creating your Healing Partnership
*  Wellness beyond Stress
*  Your Life of Joy

We also provide virtual and on location workshops/seminars and/or retreats.

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