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Spirit-Centered Relationship and Life Coach

Phil Belzunce is a certified professional coach, committed to helping individuals and couples throughout the world to end their familial cycles of pain and sorrow and to live full, rich and meaningful lives.

His own unique life experiences, thirst for knowledge and need to understand human relationships put him directly on a path of his own discovery and healing, so that he could then help devoted individuals and couple’s deeply heal and become a healing presence in our world.

As a holistic life and spirit-centered relationship coach, Phil is a genuine presence, who deeply listens with his “inner third ear.” Phil compassionately facilitates and empowers clients to work through their dilemmas and realize their dreams, goals and beyond.

His powerful customized approach blends his 35 years of coaching, spiritual counseling, naturopathy and holistic health, Chinese and energy medicine to guide his clients into powerful transformation!

Spirit-Centered Relationship and Life Coach

Lalei Gutierrez is an interactive and intuitive relationship coach, known for her insightful, genuine and compassionate listening presence. With over 25 years experience as a holistic life counselor and relationship coach, Lalei helps her clients understand their experience of their current dilemma and shift towards the results they wish to experience in their life, relations and work, by facilitating their clarity on their vision and intention.

Lalei offers a highly personalized approach that is uniquely tailored to each client. With compassion and intuitive presence, she works with individuals and couples to help them gain awareness, to affirm and build on their strengths and to practice processes that will help them attain their personal-professional goals and objectives. From their work, they experience deeper meaning in their lives, their relations to self and others, their work-career and calling, and their Higher Purpose.

Together with her husband-partner and colleague Phil, Lalei coaches, team-teaches and facilitates committed individuals, couples and groups who desire personal and professional growth, transcending their familial patterns, connect with their inner Source and bring healing Love and Light to our world!

You can find out more about their collaborative work here, and find out how to reconnect with your body-emotion-energy-mind-spirit Life Journey here.

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