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Overcomers, Inc : True Stories of hope, courage, and inspiration is the perfect book to read when you need a lift. Filled with gripping stories by 36 authors from all walks of life, Overcomers, Inc will make you smile, move you to tears, and fill you with the strength you need to face life’s challenges. While not a religious book, the co-authors stories are full of faith, of many kinds and flavors. It is funny how in your darkest times, faith often becomes your brightest light.

A book of diversity making #1 Bestseller in 3 categories Inspiration, spirituality and Motivation, Phil and Lalei as co-authors share a common bond with all the other authors of triumphed over tragedy, wherein they share wisdom gleaned from the process of overcoming.

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Join us in exploring how you can feel if you knew how to deeply communicate with your partner and understood the phases of growth you are experiencing, even in the challenging times.

Are you ready to have a roadmap to guide you on the journey of your intimate relationship? Do you dream of having a guidebook that can assist you in growing the connections and depth of your intimate relationship?

Then Eight Pathways of Healing Love: Your Journey of Transformation with a built in workbook, was created just for you!

  • Are you wondering what to do when you have lost your fire and passion?
  • How can you reconnect to the original reason you all came together?
  • What is the deeper purpose and meaning of your relationship?

What if you had an illuminated path to guide you on your journey together as a couple? If you are single, you can also learn about the ways you can weave this into your future relationship.


Heart Shadow’s takes us on the journey of a couple’s struggle facing and moving through life’s challenges.  Here we discover how thiscouple receives the news of the wife’s medical diagnosis and their journey of healing.  The author, Phil Belzunce beautifully weaves for us real-life recollections of his own healing journey breathtakingly laying out for us our own levels of insight, awareness and forgiveness on our own paths of discovery.

What Really Matters Is The Heart

In this heartfelt and life-affirming novel, Phil Belzunce, relationship psychologist share with us his journey of grieving the death of his mother.  He tenderly shares his passage along the pathways of healing, laying out for the reader the profound impact of our primal ties to our mothers.  Here we are guided into the windows of healing in the depths of our soul, teaching us when we can embrace the grieving process, we actually join with the forces of life.


Once Upon A Doggie

This refreshing children’s novel is a puppy’s lively journey to discover both who he is and how he gives back to our world.  For young and old souls alike, Co-author Phil Belzunce and Lalei Gutierrez teaches us through this enthusiastic puppy that all of us can contribute to the world based on our own unique design.  Here we see a sweet pup who is a loving, playful, angelic spirit, modeling for  humans that no matter our age or stature, we belong and can contribute! Once Upon A Doggie teaches us to be ourselves, exactly who we are and that this is our greatest gift and our contribution.



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