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Common Questions

Is holistic life and/or relationship coaching right for me?

Seeking out coaching is an individual choice and/or a choice you and your partner can make. There are many reasons why people may want life and/or relationship coaching.

Coaching is a service that helps clients manage current life and relationship dilemmas to realize desired life and relationship goals. Coaches with specialized training are equipped to provide a client guidance to explore their vision, intentions and beliefs, experiences, choices and options, resources, inner supports and skills development in order to attain their desired direction or outcomes and inner experiences
A main difference between coaching versus psychotherapy is that psychotherapy is useful in exploring unfinished business or long standing issues in the past that affects one’s current life. Coaching is different than traditional therapy and while it may often include therapeutic processes and techniques, it is not psychotherapy as the impact of the past is not the focus of the work.

Coaching is based on attending and focusing in the present and actualizing a desired future. Coaching is less emotionally based than therapy and is results oriented. If during the course of coaching, we find that you would benefit from psychotherapy or medical services, (or that therapy would be more appropriate for you than coaching) your coach will make that recommendation and try to help make a referral for you. If you choose to seek psychotherapy services in addition to your coaching, we have found that it is more effective if provided by a different therapist. Please let us know if you are seeing a therapist concurrently with coaching.
Life and Relationship Coaching may help provide focused support for the actions and application of new strategies to manage life challenges and experience desired feelings in the realization of empowering choices.

Holistic Life and Relationship Coaching is right for anyone who is interested in getting the most out of their life by:
  • taking intentional responsibility
  • creating greater self-awareness
  • harnessing their energy
  • taking inspired action
  • reflecting for learning
  • assessment of desired results
  • celebrating their accomplishments
  • assimilating transformational impact in their life and relationship.
Can holistic life and relationship coaching be effective through the telephone or online?
In the last few years, we have had more request for counseling or therapy via the telephone or online. We had been reluctant because psychotherapy requires multidimensional presence and visual cues to be meaningful, a medium that is missing via the telephone or the internet. However, coaching is effective in person, as well as over the phone or online.
Our extensive training and practice in Gestalt Therapy, Energy and Body Process Therapy, Multidimensional, Holistic and Energy Healing methodologies, Couples and Family Therapies, Imago Relationship and PAIRS Counseling, Naturopathy and Polarity Therapy and Coaching enhances our abilities to attend and listen with our “inner senses” and be fully present.

Do I really need coaching?  I can usually deal with life’s challenges on my own.

At some time or other, everyone goes through challenging situations in life. Those who seek coaching have successfully navigated through life and take personal responsibility for dealing with their life’s challenges.  And, they wish to realize the benefits from utilizing a coaching resource to help articulate their vision, purpose and goals, to tap into their inner resources and options to realize and achieve their life and relationship possibilities. They wish to take steps to further their development and growth in their life and relationships. They desire to live consciously, meaningfully and on purpose.
What qualities does an ideal coaching client have?
  • Committed to their personal growth and transformation
  • Becoming conscious and learning to think, be and do things differently than their ancestors.
  • Understanding they may not have control over certain circumstances and events that occur in life, but they do believe they have control over how they respond to these situations.
  • Approaching life’s challenges by learning versus blaming.
  • Committed to grow their relationship versus the “fix” of divorce or separation.
  • In spite of circumstances, tension or difficulties, desiring to be centered grounded.
  • Willing to “hang in there” and work with and through challenges
  • They desire to understand, communicate honestly and connect in a spirit centered way.
  • They have a deep commitment to living and loving in a healthy and healing way.
  • They want their quality of life to be transformed on every level – their work, their health, their relationships, their passion and meaning.
  • They desire to experience more joy, more celebration, more connection, more fulfillment.
  • They want to be well physically, emotionally, relationally and spiritually and want all of their relationships to be healthy and fulfilling.
  • They know there is a Higher Purpose to their life and their relationships and seek to be a partnership that supports its realization.
What are some 10 reasons people why people seek us as their holistic life and relationship coach?
  1. To live with and on purpose
  2. To be vital, healthy and care of my well-being, physically, emotionally, energetically, mindfully, soulfully, socially, relationally, spiritually.
  3. To be in a deeply loving, intimate, conscious marriage/relationship that lasts
  4. To have balance between being and doing, between working and living
  5. To communicate and connect wisely, compassionately and be confidently empowered
  6. To balance taking better care of myself and my significant relationship
  7. To move out of and beyond being stuck in achieving my goals
  8. To fulfill my soul path, life dream
  9. To work with our difference(s) together and become an effective relationship
  10. To complete a project and follow through a commitment

How can holistic life and relational coaching benefit me/us?

Coaches can provide a fresh perspective on a difficult dilemma or point you in the direction of a possible solution. The benefits you obtain from coaching depend on how well you use the process and put into practice what you learn. Some of the benefits available from coaching include:

  • Attaining a better understanding of yourself, your signature strengths, beliefs, supports, goals and values
  • Developing skills and harnessing inner resources for improving your relationship to yourself and to others
  • Finding resolution to the issues or concerns that led you to seek coaching
  • Learning new ways (holistic process and tools) to resolve and manage challenges
  • Tapping one’s inner wisdom and guidance
  • Improving one’s ability to connect through communications channels and enhanced listening skills
  • Transforming beliefs and behavior patterns that hinder growth and develop appropriate new ones that are life giving that foster well-being and
  • Discovering ways to deal with relationship concerns from a conscious and evolving place.
  • Enhancing and integrating wisdom, compassion and empowerment with regard for the higher purposes of one’s relational journey.

What is coaching like?

Every coaching session is unique and is customized to each individual/couple/group according to their specific goals. Coaching can be by telephone, by internet/email or by video conferencing via internet. We also utilize SKYPE for those who call from outside the USA.
During the free 15 minute session, we look at your answers to the questions you answered in the form filled out to set your free 15 minute appointment.
It is common to schedule a series of weekly or regular sessions according to the client’s needs and pace. Coaching can be short-term, focusing on a specific issue or goal, or longer-term, addressing complex issues/dilemmas or personal/professional transformational goals.
We have different program packages for coaching.
  1. The Short form: 6 sessions
  2. The Medium form: 12 sessions
  3. The Long form: 24 sessions
Often times coaching will involved certain actions outside of the coaching sessions, such as reading a relevant book or keeping records to track action steps and its impact. Coaching is most useful and effective with you as an active participant, both during and between the sessions. People seeking coaching are willing to take responsibility for their actions, create greater awareness in their lives and work toward their desired goals.

What can I expect from coaching?
You can expect:
  • Creating your vision or big picture, purpose or goal
  • Brainstorming new ways of thinking, innovative ways of perceiving and doing to achieve your desired goals
  • Identifying resources, supports and processes for attaining goals
  • Exploring and experimenting with options with practical guidance
  • Developing an inspired action plan with specific attainable steps with target dates
  • Acknowledging your level of commitment to your goal and working through challenges steps
  • Practice, implement and readjust strategies and processes
  • Affirm learning and celebrate growth and goals achieved each step of the way
Is coaching confidential?
As coaches, we respect, acknowledge and protect the vulnerability and confidentiality of each client while we constructively hold clients to high standards of self responsibility and self accountability.

All information shared in session is confidential except in circumstance governed by the laws including the mandatory reporting of alleged harm to self or harm to others, and in the case of child, handicapped person, or elder abuse. We are required by law to report such confidences to the proper authorities.
We can verify that all information shared by phone or email on our end will be confidential; however, we cannot guarantee that on your end. It is up to you to ensure your email and phones are protected.

What if I have concerns about the coaching process, is feedback possible?
We support and encourage you to communicate any of your concerns, when and if at anytime, you feel that your needs are not being met or that you are not getting what you want out of your coaching. Since coaching is a collaborative process, we can adjust your coaching program, as needed to support your goals.
What are the procedures for scheduling coaching sessions?
Coaching is scheduled at our mutual convenience. At the pre-arranged scheduled time and telephone number, the client calls the coach and pays the telephone charges for the call. You must give 48 hours prior notice if you need to reschedule your appointment or you will be charged for your session in full. When made in a timely manner, we will make reasonable efforts to reschedule sessions. Either party may end the coaching relationship, by giving written, email or verbal communication.
And it is best when done with positive closure for what goals have been accomplished in the coaching process.
Coaching by phone or online (Skype) is paid in advance of each series of coaching calls.  You will also be charged for services requested in addition to coaching calls. .
If you hire either or both of us as your coach(es), please answer the following questions and email to [email protected] together with three possible times and dates that you are open. Also please indicate your time zone.  We are at Eastern Standard Time.
  • What outcome/results do I want specifically for a coach to assist me in achieving?
  • What do I do to stop myself from achieving my goal(s)?
  • In what way and how do I want to be held accountable in order to achieve my goal?
  • How will I know when I have achieved my goal?
  • How would I like to affirm and celebrate my achievement of my goal?

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