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At Spirit Centered Coaching, we support individuals and couples who are transforming societal and familial cycles of dysfunction beginning with themselves. We assist with fostering well-being in both one’s evolving life and in co-creating and cultivating one’s loving and intimate relationships. With spiritual, holistic relationship coaching integrating mind-body-spirit, connecting with inner guidance, imagery, energy healing and body process, emotional healing, soul work, Gestalt and Polarity Process, empathy, dialogue and movement meditations, we connect to Spirit Centered Love

If you are individually or together or in groups desiring:

♥   To have and cultivate a deeply loving relationship and/or spiritual partnership
♥   To be an enlightened, compassionate and empowered presence in your life
♥   To have the tools to deal with difficult relationship dilemmas and differences
♥   To release unhealthy patterns, heal and cultivate life generating habits
♥   To feel balance, peace, harmony, joy and love no matter the circumstance
♥   To incorporate mind, body, soul and spirit wellness into your daily life
♥   To grow and transform in your life, consciously co-creating healing love
♥   To express your Higher Purpose with love, truth, integrity and gratitude
♥   To contribute to your community with your own growth and transformation

You are definitely at the right place.
We look forward to working with you. Please email us at [email protected] to schedule your FREE 15 minute telephone consultation.
We are available to set up coaching appointments as well as via telephone and online, via Skype.  We are also available to provide seminars..

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